Problem? Call The Owner

Accountable To You.

The Colorado Springs Window Company That Keeps Its Promises.

A Message From Kyle Derstler, Owner:

Do you hate when you have a problem with a product or service and you can’t get anybody to care or take responsibility?

It seems like it’s becoming more and more common. It’s incredibly frustrating to pay your hard-earned money for something and to be treated that way.

My name is Kyle Derstler, and I’m the owner of Zen Windows Colorado Springs, and I promise that won’t be your experience with my company.

First of all, Zen Windows is not some huge, distant corporation where you have to call a 1-800 number when you have a problem and hope you find someone who can even understand your problem. We’re also not one of those huge window companies with an army of salespeople and a heavily-advertised brand.

We’re much more simple and straightforward than that: we’re just a local window company that installs high-quality windows at a fair price. I stand behind everything we do.

Here’s my promise to you: if you have any concern or question, you can call me as the owner and I’ll be accountable for a fast and appropriate response to you.

Backing Up What We Say

While the responsiveness of a local, hands-on owner is important, I didn’t stop there. We also hold ourselves accountable to you with the following policies:

  • We don’t take any money up front. You only pay when the project is completed.
  • We give you a real Lifetime Warranty that covers everything – product, workmanship, and even glass breakage.

Questions? Reach out to me – I’ll be happy to talk with you.