We Don’t Take A Penny Until The Job Is Done – And Done Right.

When you hire Zen Windows Colorado Springs for your replacement window project, we don’t expect you to pay us anything until the job is done and you are happy.

This is a way for us to stay accountable to homeowners. We don’t think you should have to pay us until we prove to you we keep our promises.

Is this an unusual policy for a window company?

It is. Most Colorado Springs window contractors will ask for a significant deposit, often at least 50% before they will do business with you.

This can put you in a weak position if they do a lousy job – you’ve already handed them a bunch of money and now you’ve got the stress of negotiating with them to fix the work.

The other problems with deposits is that it’s not unheard of in this industry for a shady contractor to just walk away with your deposit. Yes, that’s rare, but why risk it?

With Zen Windows Colorado Springs, there is ZERO risk.

You end up with beautiful, energy-efficient replacement windows installed to professional standards… or you don’t pay us!

Any Colorado Springs window company can say “just trust us.” We say, “we’ll prove it first, then you can trust us.” You get the peace of mind that your windows will be installed to your complete satisfaction.

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