Basement Window Replacement & Installation in Colorado Springs

Are you looking to brighten up your basement? Installing basement windows or replacing your existing ones with a new upgrade not only increases the overall value of your home but transforms the atmosphere of your basement from dark and dreary to bright and beautiful!

Any time you are making adaptations to the foundation of your home, you need to call in the professionals. Here at Zen Windows, we have a team of passionate, expert window contractors in Colorado Springs, dedicated to bringing light into the lives of our customers.

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Benefits to Installing Basement Windows

Truthfully, the benefits are endless when installing windows in your basement, but here are a few:

  • Increase the amount of natural light
  • Create a natural ventilation system
  • Transform your basement from scary to serene
  • Bring your finished basement up to fire codes

If you are looking to finish your basement and make it a space that you can enjoy, you are required to have a window installed for safety purposes. In the event of an emergency, the window can be used as an exit. Building codes vary for requirements based on region, but we will be sure that your home is safe and up to standards.

Styles of Basement Windows

Shed a little light on your life and in your basement. We offer a wide variety of styles and products so that your home will be illuminated with style!

  • Egress windows – Also known as well windows, these basement windows consist of a pane large enough for an exit in an emergency surrounded by an egress well to hold back the soil. They are the classic installation solution for basements that need a little light.
  • Basement hopper windows – These smaller rectangular windows are designed for compact convenience. The pane opens down and in, preventing outside debris from coming in.
  • Sliding basement windows – Another option is the sliding window. Rather than have the pane open toward you, you could install a more classic take on a window with sliding panes.
  • Vinyl windows – Materials for basement windows vary, however vinyl is one of the most sturdy and economical options available on the market today.
  • Custom windows – Are you one to constantly break the mold? Perfect! Customize your basement windows and have them tailored to your exact needs.

Since every home is unique, project requirements and costs incurred can vary between homes. With a wide variety of window sizes and styles available, you are never limited while you’re transforming your basement. Our representatives will generate a quote based on the unique requirements for your home and windows.

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