Keeping Up With Current Trends In Replacement Windows

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June 15, 2018
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Keeping Up With Current Trends In Replacement Windows

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This year it’s all about clean lines! Keeping up with latest home design trends is one of the best ways to put your house at the top of the real estate market. Even if you aren’t selling your home, beautiful replacement windows can turn your Colorado Springs home into a real showstopper among your friends. Adding the right architectural concepts that match current tastes not only beautify your home, but are also a huge investment.

Black Frames Are In

One of the hottest growing trends for replacement windows in 2018 is choosing darker window frames. Similar to the way a great pair of glasses can enhance your look, black frames around your window glass can add a lovely contrast to the aesthetics of your home – whether you are enjoying the view out your window, or sitting on your deck enjoying the beautiful exterior of your home. Black window frames create clean lines for your space, especially when the windows are left undressed. Giving your room a sophisticated modern touch, a stunning contrast of dark window frames against white walls can enrich the design elements of your home, maximizing every detail.

Bringing The Outdoors Inside

From the mountains and trees to the clear waters and big skies, more people are being drawn to the scenic Colorado Springs area to soak up the breathtaking views. One of the first things realtors will tell you about the market in this area is that windows can be the top selling point for a house. Installing replacement windows that pull the outdoors into your living space is an excellent choice for homes in Colorado Springs. Bay or bow windows allow you to “step out” into nature without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

More Glass Makes A Statement

Bringing the outside in is a selling point for the area, but bigger windows are growing in popularity all over the country this year. In the past, it was less energy efficient to have more glass due to the lower quality of windows. In the colder climate of Colorado, homeowners would lose far too much heat through the panes, thus resulting in energy bills that were through the roof. These days, top window and door companies are manufacturing such high-quality windows that are incredibly energy efficient, so homeowners can enjoy their stunning views and maintain lower energy bills. Now, you can have floor-to-ceiling windows that look amazing, and as long as they have a low U-Factor, they won’t cost you any more on your energy bill. Read here to find out what an ideal U-Factor for your area is.

Enhancing your space with these rising trends in replacement windows will keep your Colorado Springs home fresh and up-to-date. Just imagine how fantastic the view out your window could be if you were looking through big beautiful windows with crisp, clean black frames, that you knew were saving you money! Zen Windows Colorado Springs has an exciting selection of gorgeous, energy-efficient windows that would look spectacular in your home. To browse our windows and find the perfect ones for you, visit our website or give us a call at (719) 582-6115. We can’t wait to give your space the chic, trendy makeover it deserves.

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