Need To Know Terminology of Replacement Windows

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May 17, 2018

Need To Know Terminology of Replacement Windows

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When you start looking into getting replacement windows in Colorado Springs it can be overwhelming. It is by far one of the best investments you can make for your home and is definitely the right choice, but it can still be a lot to take in these days. Windows aren’t just wood and glass anymore. When you start reading the labels on new replacement windows, what they have to offer is really quite impressive, but what does it all mean? Don’t feel bad if you start feeling lost when you read things like “LowE Glass” or “U-Factor.” You’re not alone. In fact, the average consumer isn’t familiar with these terms either.

Not to worry though, these terms aren’t confusing once you simply learn the lingo.


Let’s start with the basics. Sashes are simply the moving parts of the window – the big panes that go up and down. Knowing this basic term will help you navigate through the many types of replacement windows, so when you read about “two operating sashes” on double hung windows you are up to speed.

Single and Double Hung Windows

Single hung windows only have one moving sash, usually the bottom one. Double hung windows have two operating sashes. Meaning both the top and bottom panes will slide up and down individually.

High-Quality and Low-Quality Vinyl

In the world of replacement windows, not all vinyl is created equal. The difference in high and low quality vinyl is primarily that low-quality is made from recycled vinyl, has a low energy efficiency, and is typically boxy and cheap-looking. Whereas high-quality vinyl consists of virgin vinyl, is highly energy efficient, and has more glass and less frame making for a better view. High-quality vinyl windows are more aesthetically appealing to your home.


This is an amazing brand of replacement doors and windows that offers not only a stylish, energy efficient product, but Soft-Lite has an actual LIFETIME warranty. Lifetime meaning the window’s lifetime, not yours. This is not a joke! Even if you sell your home, the warranty rolls over to the new owners.


National Fenestration Rating Council. These guys give energy performance ratings and other useful information about windows and doors. When you see a label on a window that says “NFRC”, that means these people know what they’re talking about. They will tell you what you need to know.


This is one of the more important terms on an NFRC label. The U-Factor measures the heat-loss of a window. The #1 thing to remember with this is: the lower the better. Replacement windows in Colorado Springs should have a U-Factor rating of 0.30 or less to be energy efficient throughout the winters here.

LowE and Solar LowE Glass

Low E glass is coated with a microscopically thin(much thinner than a human hair), transparent coating that reflects long-wave infrared energy. Solar LowE also reflects short-wave solar infrared energy. In layman’s terms, this means they are incredibly energy efficient. The “E” stands for energy. No heat going in or out.

Ultra S Glass

This is like LowE Glass but where LowE is double paned, Ultra S Glass is triple paned. Which is why it is appropriately named…Ultra.


Environmental Protection Agency. These guys keep us safe from stuff like lead paint that a lot of old windows are painted with. In short, they have standards and it is up to contracting companies to comply with them when they are removing old windows and installing replacement windows.

Karma, Nirvana, and Lotus

These pretty, fancy words are the names that replacement windows in Colorado Springs live by. These are the “good, better and best” options for replacement windows. When you hear these names you are headed in the right direction!

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