Saving Money With An Accountable Window And Door Company

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May 9, 2018
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Saving Money With An Accountable Window And Door Company

Window and Doors Colorado Springs

It starts with a call. The minute you pick up that phone and call a window and door company in Colorado Springs, you open yourself up and become a little bit vulnerable to whatever that company’s standards are. If that particular company has the customer’s best interest in mind and is trustworthy enough to come into your home and treat you like family, then there is no problem. But if the company that you hire would be willing to take advantage of you or be unfair in any way, then you could lose a lot of money, plus the peace-of-mind that you should have when replacing your doors and windows. So, it’s obvious that there needs to be some level of accountability in order to establish the security that you, as a homeowner, deserve.

The Owner

So, first things first. Who’s behind it all? The number one level of accountability that a windows and doors company has is the owner himself. A company must have an owner who will stand behind the labor that his crew does and not pass the buck when things go wrong. If the owner himself isn’t willing to step up and take responsibility, then naturally the problems tend to fall to you, the homeowner. This is wrong. You should never have to pay for a company’s mistakes, and an accountable company owner will see to it that this doesn’t happen.

An Accurate Quote

The second thing that will definitely save you money on your home investment is getting an accurate quote the very first time you speak to a company. By nailing down how much the replacement of your doors and windows is going to cost you, you can eliminate hidden costs that could potentially come up later in the job. This forces the company to be accountable for what they say. Getting an accurate quote shouldn’t take more than 5 – 10 minutes but will save you big bucks in the long run.

No Deposit Means A Job Done Right

The third and possibly the easiest way to not lose any money is by simply keeping it in your wallet until the work is actually done. Sounds pretty basic right? Not losing money by keeping it. Well, in fact, this is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when dealing with window and door companies in Colorado Springs. By paying a deposit upfront there is no way to hold a company accountable to even finish the job, let alone do the job right. Once they have their hands on the cash then they have no motivation or incentive to finish strong.  Simply put, hold that company accountable by holding out on paying until you are 100% satisfied.

Lifetime Warranty

Lastly, a reputable window and door company should not only be accountable during the job, but long after the job is finished. Make sure that before you ever agree to hire a company that they will stand behind their work after the job is done, otherwise if in 6 months down the road your window stops working properly for some reason, or perhaps the glass cracks, you don’t want to have to pay to get that window replaced again. A lifetime warranty should cover the window, labor and glass breakage. You shouldn’t have to pay for the same window twice. This could get pretty pricey. Your windows should have a lifetime warranty that covers them forever. This is the ultimate level of accountability that any good window and door company should hold themselves to.

It is sad that not all window and door companies in Colorado Springs will step up and be 100% accountable for the work that they do, but there is one that always will. At Zen Windows Colorado Springs we promise to be completely accountable, giving you an experience that will put a smile on your face and keep dollars in your pocket. Zen Windows cares that you, the homeowner, have the peace of mind knowing that you will be taken care of. Call us today and get started with your hassle-free quote.

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