The Best Types Of Replacement Windows For Your Home

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May 24, 2018
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The Best Types Of Replacement Windows For Your Home

The Best Types Of Replacement Windows For Your Home

With all the amazing options on the market today you need to know what choices are available for your home or business. You know all the best brands like Soft-lite, but these brands all carry many different types of replacement windows in Colorado Springs. Different types of windows serve different purposes, and rather than simply replace your windows with the same old thing, maybe think about the fact that there might just be another type of window that would ideally suit your need a little bit better. You might be trying to achieve a certain look or perhaps you want the best energy efficiency available. Whatever the need, there is a perfect window out there for you, you just have to find it.

Single Hung vs. Double Hung

When deciding what look you want for your home or business, two of the most popular types of replacement windows in the Colorado Springs area are single hung and double hung windows. Both of these are great options, but each has their own advantages.

Single Hung windows consists of two sashes, one fixed and one that slides up and down – which means it opens only from the bottom. Here are the most common benefits of single-hung windows:

  • Beautiful
  • Practical
  • Simple

Double Hung windows consist of two sashes, both of which move independently – which means you can open either the top or the bottom of the window.

  • Beautiful
  • Convenient
  • Easy to clean, as the top pane can be tilted inwards so there is no need to get on a tall ladder for 2nd floor windows.
  • Most popular
  • Added safety when opening the top of the window, so your cat or child can’t accidentally climb out

Lots Of Options: Sliders and Hinges

Most of the time when you think of replacement windows you think of the standard two-pane double hung window, but in reality, there are so many different types of windows available today that it boils down to what the purpose of your windows will ultimately be.

For the view: Try slider windows. Operating like double hung windows turned on their side offering a more unobstructed view.

For energy efficiency: Go with the casement window. Sitting at the top of the list of thermally efficient windows, casement windows open on a hinge that swings to the side.

For airflow: You need an awning window. No matter the weather these are a good choice. Awnings open out with a hinge at the top allowing air to move up into the building while quickly shedding any rain that might fall.

For sunlight: How about a picture window? This fixed window comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any room that might need brightening up. Plus, since this type of replacement window doesn’t open and close, there is no chance of air leaking in or out.

Windows In 3D: Bay Windows And Garden Windows

We are going to establish these types of windows as 3D because they do not sit flush with the face of your house, but rather jump outward, adding the next level of charm and character to your home. Bay or bow windows are some of the most aesthetically pleasing windows on the market today, giving any room the sense of bringing the outdoors in. Creating a much larger, more open feeling in the room, bay windows also literally add to the footprint of your home. When a floor to ceiling bay window is added, a few extra square feet are added to your home as well.

Much like a bay window, garden windows extend out adding more sunlight and space to a room. The difference, however, is that a garden window has a sloping glass roof that will shed water quickly while pulling in more sunlight. Both of these types of replacement windows are beautiful options for any Colorado Springs home.

So, now that you have familiarized yourself with all the types of replacement windows available to you, your next step is to call a trusted company in Colorado Springs that carries all these typ. You need to talk to the friendly professionals at Zen Windows. With a simple 5 -10 call we can give you a hassle-free quote without ever even coming to your home. If you want a fast and easy replacement window quote, call Zen Windows today. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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