Casement Windows Replacement & Installation in Colorado Springs, CO

Casement windows utilize a crank and swing open like a door. You’ll typically find them on modern homes due to their streamlined and simplistic style. Like most windows, there are different configurations and customizable options available to truly make your casement windows one-of-a-kind.

Take, for example, French casement windows. This style of casement window has two separate panes of glass side by side that both swing open, mimicking the look of French doors. There are also casement picture windows, which have the same look and a feel as a casement window but don’t have a crank allowing the window to open.

Casement windows are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes such as square, rectangular, thin vertical, or thin horizontal rectangle. No matter what configuration or style you choose for your casement windows, Zen Windows Colorado Springs can provide a quality product. You also have the opportunity to select from our three lines of high-quality windows. Each line comes with its own set of features and price points. Choose from:

  • The Karma – Our double-pane glass base model
  • The Nirvana – Our best-seller, the Nirvana, has the same features as the Karma but adds even more unique and energy saving features
  • The Lotus – This triple-pane glass option is the most energy efficient and durable window we offer

For more information or to get a quote for replacement casement windows online, Zen Windows should be your go-to replacement window company in Colorado Springs

Advantages of Casement Windows

New or replacement casement windows offer many benefits for local homeowners. Casement windows from Zen Windows Colorado Springs:

  • Won’t interfere (physically) or clash (design-wise) with any style of window treatments you choose.
  • Allow you to control the level of ventilation
  • Are well-made and durable
  • Feature sturdy, built-to-last locks for added security
  • Are easy to clean from inside your house
  • And much more

Professionally Installed Casement Windows in Colorado Springs

When it comes to installing casement windows in your Colorado Springs home, make sure you choose an installer you can trust to get the job done right. The installation of new and replacement windows is a very important step in the process, and if done incorrectly, could end up costing you more down the line. While some other companies use subcontractors to install their products, they are generally “jacks-of-all-trades” and not window installation experts. At Zen Windows Colorado Springs, we’re focused on providing quality replacement windows and also their proper installation. We’ll make sure your windows are fitted properly the first time, so you’ll never have to worry about high energy costs or window repairs.

Casement Window Installation by Zen Windows Colorado Springs

If you’re installing or replacing casement windows in your Colorado Springs home, call Zen Windows Colorado Springs. Our focus has always been customer satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on the quality service we provide. You’ll experience the different aspects of our service you won’t find with other companies, such as:

  • Our quote process – Receiving a quote is quick, easy, and best of all: free.
  • Our lifetime warranty – We offer lifetime warranties on all of the windows we install. And while other window installation companies throw around the term “lifetime” loosely, we’re proud to say that our warranty will truly last a lifetime. As long as your home is still standing, you’ll never have to spend another dime on your windows.
  • Our $0 deposit policy – Don’t pay a dime until your windows are installed correctly.
  • Our customer-friendly staff – Do you loathe the moments when you’re trying to make a purchase but you’re being pestered into considering other products you don’t want or need? Zen Windows Colorado Springs doesn’t employ pushy salespeople. Our staff is trained and qualified to help you make the right decision for your home and replacement windows.

Ready to buy your new casement windows? Contact us online or dial (719) 582-6115 to speak to a window installation expert today!