Garden Window Installation, Repair & Replacement in Colorado Springs, CO

If you have a green thumb, you may love displaying houseplants and herbs in your kitchen. The only problem is they take up valuable counter space, and your existing window ledge may be too small to support your plants. The solution is to replace the kitchen window with a garden window. This upgrade offers all the features you need to beautify, brighten, and freshen up your home.

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Garden Window Replacement in Colorado Springs

Garden Windows in Colorado SpringsSimilar to bay windows, garden windows project out beyond the building to provide a deeper windowsill. They feature glass on all sides, including the top, creating a little display and greenhouse where plants can soak up as much sun as possible.

Garden windows from Zen Windows Colorado Springs are made with superior craftsmanship. Fully welded vinyl frames and tempered, double-strength glass are designed to withstand hail and high wind. Customize your replacement windows by selecting from a variety of colors and dimensions. An optional glass shelf provides a second level to enhance your miniature indoor garden.

Benefits of Vinyl Garden Windows

With so many window styles available, consider these reasons to install a garden window over the sink:

  • More sunlight: Is your goal is to brighten your kitchen or help your plants thrive? Garden windows can help you do both. It’s the best way to invite a bit of nature inside, even when there’s snow on the ground!
  • More fresh air: At first glance, it may seem like garden windows don’t open, but most have casement-style side panels that pivot out with the turn of a crank. This allows you to easily ventilate the kitchen whenever you want.
  • Distinctive appearance: Garden windows are less common than other types of replacement windows. They offer eye-catching beauty both inside and out, especially when you fill them with your prized plants. The improved curb appeal could even help your home stand out from the crowd if you ever decide to sell.

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