We’re EPA Lead-Safe Certified For Window Installation

Zen Windows Colorado Springs Is The Safe Choice

Do you have concerns about lead-paint and your home? Any home built before 1978 is at risk for having lead-based paint. Replacing windows can disturb old paint, and that puts children and pregnant mothers at risk unless proper precautions are taken.

Any window replacement contractor working on a home built prior to 1978 needs to be EPA Lead-Safe Certified – that’s a law. It is also the right way to do things to keep everyone safe.

We are EPA Lead-Safe Certified and promise to follow the procedures that protect the health and safety of you and your family.

Here are the three questions we hear the most about EPA rules:

Will following EPA Lead-Safe procedures add to my costs?
Following these procedures does add to installation time, so it does add some costs, but it won’t be anything outrageous.
If I’m sure that my home doesn’t contain lead-paint, can I just tell you I’m fine with you skipping the Lead-Safe Certified process?
The only way we can do that is if you have an official inspection from a state-approved vendor that your home is certified lead-free. Otherwise, we absolutely must follow the EPA Lead-Safe procedures for any home built before 1978 – it’s the law.
How can I find out if a window company I’m considering hiring is EPA certified?
Any company that is certified should be able to give you proof. We’re always happy to show our certification to anyone who asks!