NOT Your Typical High-Pressure Company

Window Replacement Shouldn’t Be Stressful – Here’s Why We’re Different

My name is Kyle Derstler and I’m the owner of Zen Windows Colorado Springs. I’d like to give you an idea of how we operate here at Zen Windows, and the easiest way might be to tell you a story about who we AREN’T.

Before I tell you the story, I want you to know I’m a laid-back person – it takes quite a bit to get me mad. So, when I went shopping for gutters for my home a few years back, I was surprised by how upset the whole process made me.

My first step in getting new gutters was the normal one – I called a company to get a quote. They wouldn’t give me a quote by phone and said they would need to visit my home. I agreed to it.

Now the guy that came to my home wasn’t a bad guy. But he kept giving me option after option and seemed pretty desperate for me to buy their top of the line product. And I was also told I really should get a bunch of add-on products that would make everything better.

The whole thing left me feeling like the top priority was to sell me more, not help me figure out what would be the best gutter system for my needs.

So, I called another company. Once again, the company would not give a quote by phone and instead insisted they would need to visit my house.

And again, I agreed. If the first guy was a little annoying, this company was way worse. The salesman wanted to talk to me about gutters for HOURS. Are you kidding? It’s gutters!

I was planning on getting a 3rd quote, but at this point I was so sick of the whole process and everyone trying to pressure me to buy that I just gave up.

Now here’s why I’m telling you this: there are many Colorado Springs window companies that will treat you the same way as those gutter companies treated me.

And I also want you to know that we don’t act like that at Zen Windows Colorado Springs. In fact, we are the exact opposite of all that.

I’ve been in your exact spot as a homeowner looking to improve my home, and I don’t want anybody to suffer through long, boring sales presentations or feel like they are being pressured into buying.

Here’s how we work: In one brief phone call, we’ll gather the information so we can provide a 100% guaranteed accurate quote for you. After we talk to you, we’ll email you that quote – usually in a matter of minutes. Then you can review it at your leisure and make your own decision. No in-home presentation needed!

It’s totally different from the typical experience, and is the best window replacement experience in Colorado Springs – and that’s on purpose.

Would you like a stress-free quote without any sales pressure?