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Picture windows offer wonderful views and lots of natural light. Whenever you are ready for new picture windows or it’s time for a repair or window replacement, you can turn to Zen Windows Colorado Springs for affordable, high-quality picture windows, outstanding service, and gorgeous results.

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What Are Picture Windows?

Picture windows are large, stationary, single-pane windows that usually do not open. When these windows are fixed in place:

  • The glass in a picture window can be far larger than the glass in a venting window.
  • Picture windows are commonly paired with venting windows to allow air exchange.
  • They are best suited for large walls or spaces, especially those that give way to expansive views of the outdoors.

It’s important to point out that, while a few manufacturers do make picture windows that open, fixed picture windows are far more common than the opening variety.

What Is a Casement Picture Window?

Casement picture windows have the look and feel of smaller casement windows coupled with the stationary aspect of bigger picture windows. This can make casement picture windows ideal for smaller walls or spaces.

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What Are the Benefits of Picture Windows?

Picture window sizes, shapes, and styles vary widely, offering a great array of custom picture windows for any type of home or building. Whether you are looking for fixed picture windows or oversized options, the benefits of these windows include:

  • Natural Light & Picturesque Views: Large picture windows let in a lot of light, brightening up any space. They also showcase beautiful views of the outdoors, providing a great expanse of unobstructed scenery for your viewing delight.
  • Energy Efficiency: Stationary picture windows have no moving parts, minimizing the transfer of air and out of your home. This can mean significant savings in energy bills all year round!
  • Durability: Fixed in place and structurally sound, picture windows can last year after year with little to no maintenance, aside from routine cleaning.
  • Versatility: Picture windows come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. This makes them highly customizable for all home styles, from Victorian and ranch-style homes to mid-century modern styles and much more!
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: Picture windows can add sophisticated charm and appeal to the exterior of a home, adding a “wow” factor that may also increase property values.

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