Slider Window Installation, Repair & Replacement in Colorado Springs, CO

Slider windows can offer beauty, function, and efficiency to any home. That’s why they’re one of the most popular types of windows in Colorado Springs. If you’re looking for a sliding window installer to deliver high-quality products and unmatched customer service, look no further than Zen Windows Colorado Springs. We’ll help you make the most of your replacement slider windows.

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Should I Choose Horizontal, Vertical, or Double Sliding Windows?

Custom Slider WindowsSliding windows, also known as glider windows, open when one sash glides along a track in the frame. Horizontal sliding windows move from left to right, and vertical sliders glide up and down. If only one sash moves, it’s called a single hung window. If both sashes operate, you’re looking at a double hung window.

One type of sliding window isn’t intrinsically better than another, but there may be a better option for your home, based on factors like your:

  • Home and the location of the window
  • Preferences, needs, and budget

Horizontal gliding windows provide large panes for more natural light and a better view. Vertical sliding windows are ideal for small walls. Double sliding windows offer more versatile ventilation than single hung versions.

The experts at Zen Windows Colorado Springs are happy to help you figure out which window style is right for you. Regardless of the type you choose, you can expect high-quality craftsmanship and professional installation.

Benefits of Vinyl Sliding Windows in Colorado Springs

Consider these reasons to install vinyl sliding windows in your home:

  • Energy efficiency: Sliders close tightly against the elements to ensure efficient operation and minimal air leakage.
  • Ease of use: Unlock the window and effortlessly push the sash up, down, or side-to-side to enjoy a breath of fresh air.
  • Low maintenance: Gliding windows come with very few moving parts, so they’re sure to function flawlessly with no extra effort on your part. Vinyl is also a durable material that’s made to last.
  • Versatility: Slider windows look great with any architectural style. If you choose the double hung variety, you also enjoy versatile ventilation with the ability to open either sash as desired.

We’re happy to help you compare different types of sliding windows so you can enjoy the benefits that are most important to you. Contact us today at (719) 582-6115  to learn more.

The Zen Windows Process

When you work with Zen Windows Colorado Springs, you enjoy superior quality, low prices, and excellent customer service. These benefits are made possible with our hassle-free process:

  • No-stress quotes: Give us a call, and we’ll give you an accurate, zero-pressure quote. We never add hidden fees, and we are proud to offer competitive rates and affordable service.
  • $0 deposit: Unlike other window installation companies in Colorado Springs, we don’t demand payment upfront. In fact, you don’t pay us anything until you’re totally satisfied with a job well done.
  • Lifetime warranty: Every installation we perform is covered by a lifetime warranty. There’s no fine print and no exclusions, so you’ll never spend another dime on your windows for as long as you live in your home.
  • Friendly customer service: We truly care about our customers, and it shows in our superior customer service. 

We are also proud to offer industry-leading financing options. To find out more, just call us at (719) 582-6115 or email us!

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