FAQs – Windows

Frequently Asked Questions About Windows

1If you don’t visit my home for a sales call, how can you work up an accurate window quote?

Creating an accurate window quote is actually a lot simpler than people think. It basically comes down to the size of the windows and asking you a few questions about the features and benefits you want from replacement windows.

All of this information can be gathered by phone or email, and then we can email you a quote to review on your schedule. If you do choose Zen Windows, we will come to your home to get exact measurements before we order your windows, but that will not change the quote at all. We guarantee the accuracy of our quotes to you.

2What kind of windows do you sell?
Our windows are made from top-quality, 100% virgin vinyl. The company that manufactures all Zen Windows has been around since 1934 and is located in Ohio – these are quality, American-made windows. The vinyl used to manufacture these windows is far superior to the recycled vinyl used by some manufacturers as a cheaper option.
3Do you require payment in full before ordering my windows?
No, we do not. In fact, we don’t even take deposits. We won’t collect so much as a dime from you until we’ve completed the project and you are satisfied. That’s accountability!
4What kind of window warranty comes with your window?

It is the most comprehensive Lifetime Warranty possible. We cover product and workmanship – in full – for a lifetime. As long as your home is still standing, you’ll never have to spend money on your windows again! (And this warranty is transferable.)

Colorado Springs homeowners should be cautious when they hear a company talk about a ‘Lifetime’ warranty. Many of these warranties are prorated and see significant reduction in the percentage of reimbursement on a warranty claim as time goes by. Our warranty is NOT prorated.

5Why is there a big range of prices for replacement windows?

It’s because different companies use different business philosophies for selling windows.

For example:

Window Company Type One: Companies that run ads with absurdly low prices. They do this so you’ll call, but then you find out that the advertisement was not your true final cost on a window. They then insist on upselling you to a more expensive window. Often these types of window contractors deal in inferior windows.

Window Company Type Two: You’ll also find many window companies that make huge investments in top sales teams and have large marketing budgets. They’ll also often have a showroom that is expensive to maintain. Because of their high costs, they must have both volume and big mark-ups. They’ll put a lot of sales pressure on you to “buy now” and you’ll often end up paying too much for your windows.

Our Way: Zen Windows takes a different path. We concentrate on window quality and a hassle-free process for homeowners. This gives us good ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing, further cutting our costs. We also don’t hire salespeople. Eliminating all these unnecessary expenses means we can offer the best windows at reasonable prices.

6The windows on my home are very frustrating – they’re hard to open and challenging to clean – will my new windows be any different?
They certainly will! Many customers comment on how much smoother new windows operate and how much easier they are to clean. If you’ve been living with old windows for far too long, you’ll love the difference new windows make.
7Is financing available?
Yes, and it is super easy to apply. If you want more information, please visit our Financing page.
8What areas do you serve?
We install new replacement windows in Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities. You can see a map and a list of communities we serve by visiting our Areas We Serve page.